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And the journey begins...

(Saturday 12 September 2009) by Bangkok&Beyond
Okay..I am not going to lie, i was having major second doubts about leaving for Thailand a few weeks before I left...I was really happy to hear that Joe was going to be in Bangkok at the same time as me, so I had a familiar face greeting me after spending 26.5 hours in the air! Bangkok was way different than expected, it was alot more modern than I had thought...I only spent one night here and did not leave the super touristy area of Koh San road. Joe and I got a fish foot a bunch of people sitting around a big pool with hundreds of little fish eating all the dead skin off your feet...I laughed so friggin totally tickled! From there we strolled around and people watched, so many lady boys trying to lure tourists in for good times! We stopped at a little bar for a drink, I went to the bathroom and had a lady boy come up to me, grab my tits and say ooooo so so big lmao! Kinda scared me. We ended up at a little pub on the way home, where we met some really interesting people...I guess everyone is intersting at 3:00 am!! Sat around till about seven in the morning...there was a 14 year old boy there with his was so weird, the uncle just left to find prostitutes and left the kid with us???!!!??Craziest part of the night is that a 27 year old Austrailian girl started making out with the kid and took him home...only in Bangkok! In our drunken state we decided that we were going to go to the full moon party on a little island off the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan instead of the planned layed back countryside of Chang we woke up in the morning and after 10 hours on a train, 1 hour with way too many people packed in the box of a truck and a 3 hour boat ride we finally arrived!

SO...we hit the jackpot when we got to our beach bungalows in Phangan we met the most AMAZING people--two boys from France, a Scott, two girls from Bangkok, a couple guys from Amsterdamn and a few ppl from London. Seven of us went on travelling together for over a week and I think I have made life long friends...I cried when they left for home lol.

The full moon party was crazier than started in the 80s and has since turned into one of the biggest parties in the world..10, 000 to 40,000 people from around the world come to this island just for this party, there are about 12 djs and the beach is a total dancing frenzy...I cannot begin to explain how crazy it is. On the night of the party me and Joe and the two frenchies went to check out the beach that the party is held on...we found ourselves sitting in the mellow mountain bar doing mushroom shakes at 5é30pm...I was so twisted, I always seem to forget that I dont really like mushrooms lol. I have never laughed so hard in my intire life...I am however very happy to be alive cause although it was the funniest night of my life I also did the stupidest...drove my scooter home wrecked...fuck, we got lost it got dark and the roads are so hilly...and the locals drive like complete lunatics. When we FINALLY found our bungalows it was only 8..fuck I thought is was midnight lol I slept it off and got up around 11 to go to the full moon party where we all agreed we would take a taxi. When we got to the beach the party was at there were alreadz at least 15,000 people there, fire shows, fire works, blaring music and so many half naked or naked beautiful people. We danced our pants off till 8 in the morning and then made our way home...


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